James Packer Had An Amazing List Of Visitors Today After His Brawl With David Gyngell

The first images of the brawl, released today on news.com.au

You’ve probably seen the first photos by now of the punch-up the country is talking about: billionaire James Packer and his lifelong mate David Gyngell going at it like UFC fighters in Bondi yesterday afternoon.

News Corp websites released some watermarked pictures today, but what we’ve seen so far are just teasers. Other photos – dozens of them – are much more graphic and there’s an action-packed, expletive-laden video to come as well.

News Corp is understood to have paid around $200,000 for exclusive rights to the pictures and video, and you’ll see the first of them tomorrow.

Today James Packer had an amazing stream of visitors to his home in Bondi, starting with Gyngell himself this morning. A short time later the two released a joint statement affirming their friendship but saying they wouldn’t be commenting further on the fight. Their friendship has deteriorated in the aftermath Packer and his ex-wife Erica divorcing last year. Gyngell was best man at the wedding.

Other visitors to Packer’s home included Lachlan Murdoch, the co-chairman of News Corp, a long-time friend of Packer and Gyngell, whose company bought the exclusive rights to the photos which will be all over News Corp papers tomorrow.

Also visiting Packer’s home was his long-serving lieutenant, Crown deputy chair and former PBL CEO John Alexander, and then Today show co-host Karl Stefanovic.

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