James Packer And David Gyngell's Brawl May Have Been Caused By A Horrible Misunderstanding Over A TV Van

David Gyngell (Photo: Getty)

Billionaire James Packer and Nine Entertainment boss David Gyngell had a fist fight at the weekend.

Here’s what we know:

Gyngell was waiting for Packer outside his Bondi home. Witnesses claim he had a heated phone conversation with someone, presumably Packer. Once the gaming mogul arrived in a car, the two almost immediately came to blows.

The pair have released a statement, declining to provide details, though asserting they were still friends, and had been for 35 years.

But amidst a bidding war for the photos, Amanda Meade at The Guardian Australia has a pretty convincing explanation for why the fight broke out, from sources at Nine: Apparently, Packer thought there was a Nine satellite truck parked near his house.

At the weekend a story had been published in the Sunday Telegraph, in which Miranda Kerr said she and Packer were just friends. There was earlier speculation the two had been in a romantic relationship.

There was a satellite truck nearby, but it belonged to a cameraman who had parked it — very innocently — outside his own home between shifts.

Packer called Gyngell, who according to the report, made some enquiries and found out there were no Nine crews lying in wait.

He then went to his friend’s house to tell him in person, maybe to explain the misunderstanding.

According to reports, the pair were at each other soon after Packer arrived, and some solid blows connected. It has even been suggested someone lost a tooth.

This explanation makes sense, though the brawl could be the low point in a relationship that was already strained, and part of a more personal disagreement.

As several reports have pointed out, the friendship had soured after Packer’s divorce from Erica Baxter. Gyngell was packer’s best man, and Packer was Gyngell’s at his wedding to Leila McKinnon.

Gyngell is said to have expressed concern over Packer leaving his wife and children, which the casino mogul didn’t take well. According to The Australian they hadn’t been speaking in the period leading up to the brawl.

The photos are yet to be published, but could be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

You can read the full Guardian story here.

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