News Corp Heir-Apparent James Murdoch Might Leave The Company

james murdoch

Several News Corp insiders think heir-apparent James Murdoch might leave the company, Reuters’ Peter Lauria reports.

James, Rupert Murdoch’s youngest son, is embroiled in the phone-hacking scandal that has destroyed News Corp’s reputation in London.

News Corp strenuously denies that James is thinking of leaving, but one insider points to comments Rupert Murdoch made on a recent conference call as supporting the idea.

The insiders seem divided as to whether James might quit voluntarily or be shown the door. But the consensus seems to be that the departure would be a “break” rather than a permanent exit.

James Murdoch is supposed to move to New York from London early next year. This move is being framed by the company as the next step in his ascension to the throne. But one insider tells Lauria that it’s really about putting some physical distance between James and the phone-hacking scandal.

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