Kate Middleton's Brother Is Turning Instagram Photos Into Edible Selfies

The youngest of the Middleton children, James, has a business that’s booming: Turning Instagram photos into edible treats.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother, according to CNBC, owns 45% of a company called Boomf. Boomf prints photos onto marshmallows. Think of it as the new, cooler version of putting photos on grocery store sheet cakes.

Boomf launched in 2013. Andy Bell, the CEO, told CNBC that the “interest from both individual consumers and large corporations” has been wild and overwhelming.

For $US26, you can transfer 9 Instagram images to 4cmx4cm marshmallows and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

First, you connect to Instagram. Boomf gives you some tips:

Then you choose 9 photos from your feed. I picked a bunch of Mookie and Reilly, the two main dogs in my life.

Then you order. And the shipping is free!

“[Boomf is] a collaboration of technology and food. We wanted to experiment with how we could combine the two,” Middleton told CNBC in an interview. “We’re taking confectionery into the modern era.”

Visit Boomf’s website here, and see the full feature from CNBC.

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