Colorado Gun Range Owner Warned Staff To Watch Out For James Holmes After Hearing A 'Bizarre' Voicemail

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Photo: (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Colorado movie theatre shooting suspect James Holmes allegedly tried to join a gun range last month but was turned down because of a “freakish at best” outgoing voicemail message on Holmes’ phone.Holmes allegedly opened fire early Friday morning on a theatre full of moviegoers attending “The Dark Knight Rises” midnight premier.

But, about a month before he made national headlines, Holmes tried to join the Lead Valley Range in Byers, Colo, the Associated Press reported Monday.

When owner Glenn Rotkovich invited Holmes in to attend a mandatory orientation, the opening message on Holmes’ phone asking the caller to leave a message sounded “bizarre — guttural, freakish at best.”

The message on Holmes’ phone worried Rotkovich so much he ultimately told his staff not to accept Holmes into the gun club.

Holmes, who has been held in solitary confinement, is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning at 9:30 mountain time. Thus far, he has not been cooperating with police, the AP reported.

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