Colorado Shooting Suspect's Psychiatrist Had Been Previously Reprimanded

James HolmesJames Holmes during his first court appearance

Photo: Getty Images News

New details are emerging about the psychiatrist who treated the PhD student accused of gunning down dozens of strangers on July 20.University of Colorado, Denver psychiatrist Lynne Fenton was reprimanded by Colorado’s board of medical examiners in February 2005 for improperly prescribing drugs to herself, an employee, and her own husband, ABC’s affiliate in Denver reported Saturday.

Those drugs included the painkiller Vicodin and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

Fenton, who directs the university’s student mental health service and specialises in schizophrenia, was treating 24-year-old James Holmes before he allegedly opened fire on a crowd at the midnight premiere of “Dark Knight Rises.”

Holmes reportedly sent a notebook to Fenton depicting stick figures with guns shooting at other stick figures, but the package wasn’t delivered to her before his alleged real-life rampage.

On Friday, the university removed Fenton’s bio from its website, ABC reported. As of Sunday, the bio still appeared to be gone.

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