'Dark Knight' Shooting Suspect Saw Psychiatrist Specializing In Schizophrenia Before Massacre

James HolmesJames Holmes during his first court appearance

Photo: Getty Images News

The university psychiatrist who reportedly received a notebook from the Colorado shooting suspect detailing his future crimes was also treating him in the weeks before the massacre.James Holmes, 24, was seeing Lynne Fenton, a University of Colorado — Denver psychiatrist who specialises in schizophrenia, according to court records which were released Friday and were reported on by The Washington Post.

Holmes allegedly sent a notebook to Fenton depicting stick figures with guns shooting at other stick figures. Fenton heads up student mental health services at the university.

Holmes’ public defenders are asking the court to find out who leaked news of the notebook to the media, claiming whoever did so violated Holmes’ privacy and constitutional rights, according to the Post.

Holmes was a PhD student in the university’s neuroscience program, which has been described as intensely isolating and gruelling.

In addition to her work with the counseling facility, Fenton has written a number of medical papers and is spearheading research into schizophrenia, according to the Post.

She did not return the Post’s requests for comment.

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