James Holmes Took Eerie Photos Of Himself Right Before The 'Dark Knight' Massacre, Prosecutors Say

james holmes booking photo

In the last day of James Holmes’ preliminary hearing, prosecutors claimed the 25-year-old went to great pains to memorialize his alleged attack.

He took a picture with a mobile phone camera showing everything he allegedly brought to the movie theatre arranged neatly on his bed, including weapons, body armour, and a gas mask, The Denver Post’s Jessica Fender tweeted from the courtroom.

Holmes is facing more than 160 charges after he allegedly opened fire on a theatre full of people during The Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere in Aurora, Colo.

The prosecution also revealed Holmes took several self-portraits around 6:30 on the night of the shooting, including one where he was sticking his tongue out at the camera. He was wearing black contact lenses and had his red hair stuffed under a black cap.

CNN’s Jim Spellman tweeted this sketch of the self portrait.

Prosecutors say the pictures “go to identity, deliberation and extreme indifference,” Fender tweeted.

In two separate pictures, he also reportedly smiled and posed with the muzzle of a Glock and was shown wearing “a majority of the tactical ballistic gear” he was found in, according to Fender.

The prosecution also showed pictures of the interior of the theatre, including pictures of the door hinges and the back doors that were found on Holmes’ camera.

“I have to say the self portraits of Holmes were eerie and unsettling. Many of them were taken just hours before the massacre,” CBS 4’s Valerie Castro tweeted from the courtroom.

In addition to the pictures, prosecutors released other details about the shooting, including the fact the shooter propped open the theatre door with clips that are normally used to secure tablecloths to picnic tables.

The prosecution rested its case Wednesday around 10 a.m. local time. The defence didn’t offer any closing arguments.

The defence decided not to call any witnesses, saying the preliminary hearing wasn’t the place to “put on a show,” Castro tweeted.

“This is not a trial,” state public defender Daniel King said, according to The Denver Post’s John Ingold.

While the defence initially planned to call witnesses who could discuss Holmes’ mental state, it “had a change of position.”

“Absent a complete waiver of privilege, our ability to present such evidence would be limited,” King said, according to Ingold.

If Holmes enters a plea on Friday, the state will have 60 days to decide whether it will seek the death penalty, 9News’ Chris Vanderveen tweeted after the eharing.

Earlier this week, witnesses for the prosecution revealed shocking details about the death trap Holmes created in his apartment before allegedly opening fire on the theatre.

FBI and ATF agents testified he rigged bombs and explosive chemicals throughout the apartment, all set to explode if someone opened the door.

Monday’s hearing was an emotional opening to the week as first responders detailed the horrific scene they encountered as they arrived at the movie theatre.

Officer Justin Grizzle also talked about walking into the theatre and seeing “several bodies throughout the theatre laying motionless,” Fender tweeted from the courtroom.

Grizzle testified there were so many victims he was slipping in blood as he entered the theatre.

The court recessed until Friday. Friday could either be a status hearing or Holmes’ arraignment, depending on the judge’s decision, according to Fender.

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