Prosecutors: James Holmes Was Banned From School And Told To Choose A New Career Six Weeks Before Batman Massacre

james holmes in courtJames Holmes

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James Holmes’ crumbling hopes of achieving academic greatness might have been the final straw that pushed him to allegedly open fire on a crowded movie theatre, prosecutors claimed Thursday afternoon.Prosecutors and the defence met in court Thursday to argue whether Holmes’ records from the University of Colorado — Denver should be released.

The defence claims the records, which might lead to a motive, have no bearing in th case while prosecutors argue they could be very illuminating, The Denver Post reported after Thursday’s hearing.

Among those records are claims that Holmes was banned from CU’s campus after making threats, his key card granting him access to the medical campus was deactivated, and he failed an important exam in his PhD neuroscience program, prompting university officials to suggest Holmes choose a new career.

“What’s going on in the defendant’s life at this time is extremely important to this case,” Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Pearson argued, according to the Post, adding that all those negative events are “relevant to his decision to withdraw from school, booby trap his apartment, buy ammunition and explosives, and commit this act.”

However, defence attorney Daniel King doesn’t see it that way.

“Motive is not an element of any crime charged here,” he argued at Thursday’s hearing. “It is is irrelevant what the motive is.”

In court filings released Friday, prosecutors claim Holmes “had conversations with a classmate about wanting to kill people in March, 2012, and that he would do so when his life was over,” according to The Associated Press.

The prosecution’s claims are the most comprehensive statements the state has made about why it thinks Holmes allegedly killed 12 and injured 58 during the midnight premier of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Judge William Sylvester did not issue a ruling Thusday about the records. Holmes is expected back in court next week when both sides are slated to argue a notebook containing details of the upcoming crimes that Holmes allegedly sent a university psychiatrist should be released.

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