Colorado Shooting Suspect Ditches His Bright-Orange Hair For His Most Damning Hearing Yet

James HolmesJames Holmes during his first court appearance

Photo: Getty Images News

The man accused of killing 12 people in a Denver-area movie theatre will face an additional 10 charges when he finally has his day in court.But we don’t know what those charges will be.

James Holmes was in court Thursday morning as prosecutors continued their fight for access to a notebook full of pictures of stick figures shooting other stick figures.

Holmes sported a much different look during the hourlong hearing than he did the day of the shooting and during subsequent court appearances.

Rather than his bright orange curly head of hair, Holmes appeared in court with a shaved head and no mutton chops, the Post’s Jessica Fender tweeted, adding that he was “stubble faced only.”

Previously, the defence and prosecution faced off in court last month about whether Holmes’ notebook was protected under doctor-patient confidentiality or whether Holmes’ relationship with Dr. Lynne Fenton expired before he sent the notebook.

But in a surprise move this morning, prosecutors dropped their fight to see the notebook, claiming the information in it will likely come to light later on down the road if Holmes’ attorneys opt for an insanity defence, The Denver Post reported.

While prosecutors say they still believe the notebook isn’t privileged, requesting access to it is “uncharted legal waters” and will require a lengthy legal battle, the Post’s John Ingold tweeted from the courtroom.

Holmes, who faced 142 charges before Thursday’s hearing, will now answer for 10 more, Ingold tweeted.

Prosecutors secured approval to add the additional charges but details about what those charges are were discussed in court.

Documents released later in the day state the additional charges are 10 counts of first-degree criminal attempt to commit murder, which is a felony.

Holmes’ next hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 11.

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