James Holmes' Mother Didn't Mean To Identify Him As The Colorado Movie theatre Shooter

lisa damiani attorneyLisa Damiani, a lawyer for Holmes family

Photo: Reuters

A criminal defence attorney representing the family of the alleged Colorado “Dark Knight Rises” shooter said ABC and other media outlets wrongly implied Arlene Holmes identified her son as the gunman.Arlene Holmes reportedly said early Friday that she wasn’t surprised her son James was the man behind the deadly shooting, telling ABC, “You have the right person.”

But now, Arlene Holmes is saying her statements were taken out of context, attorney Lisa Damiani said in a Monday afternoon news conference livestreamed by Reuters.

Arlene Holmes said she was asked by the ABC reporter if she was the mother of James Holmes, a man living in Aurora, Colo., to which she said the reporter had the right person.

Her confirmation that she was indeed James Holmes’ mother was then taken out of context and used to imply she believed her son was behind the shooting, Damiani said as she read a statement from the family.

“I did not know anything about a shooting in Aurora at that time,” Arlene Holmes wrote in her statement.

James Holmes is accused of opening fire on a theatre full of movie goers early Friday morning.

Damiani repeatedly dodged questions about James Holmes and his relationship with his family. She also refused to reveal the family’s whereabouts.

But when asked if the family supports James Holmes, something they have yet to directly address, Damiani said, “Yes, they do. He’s their son.”

Damiani also said she was concerned about the family’s safety but refused to answer whether family members themselves were concerned.

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