Former Inmate Says Colorado Shooting Suspect Is Treated Like A 'King' In Jail

james holmes new mugshot cropped

Photo: via New York Magazine

A woman who claims to have been housed just four cells down from the Aurora, Colo. theatre shooting suspect says he is nothing like the subdued man who keeps appearing in court.Marie, who asked that FOX31 Denver not use her last name, says she was held in the Arapahoe County Jail’s medical ward this weekend and was just a few cells away from movie theatre shooting suspect James Holmes.

Marie had quite a bit to say about Holmes. From FOX31 Denver’s story:

  • Marie’s cellmate called Holmes an “effin’ baby killer,” to which he responded “that’s me that’s me!”
  • Holmes told his father he would be fine and beat the case against him.
  • Marie claims Holmes, who is treated like a “king inside here, with extra privileges,” enjoys a larger bed than most inmates, has a window, and has checkers and dominoes in his cell.
  • He’s also created a shrine to the mass shooting. “I don’t know how he got it but he has his booking photo and he has newspaper clippings of the case as if he is glorifying what he did,” Marie told the TV station. 

When FOX31 Denver’s reporter asked Marie if Holmes confessed to the shooting “she said his words were ‘yes, I did it, I did it,” according to the TV station.

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