James Holmes Goes To Court For The First Time


Prosecutors have until next week to formally file charges against James Holmes, the man accused of opening fire on a crowded movie theatre.

Appearing in court today for the first time, Holmes often appeared bored, avoiding eye contact with the judge and staring blankly ahead.

Holmes is accused of shooting 71 people, killing 12, early Friday morning when he opened fire on a theatre of people attending “The Dark Knight Rises” midnight premiere.

Monday’s hearing, which was broadcast live by 9News, was a fairly technical proceeding.

The court advised Holmes of his rights and extended the usual 72-hour deadline for prosecutors to file charges until Monday, July 30. The judge also ordered that Holmes not have any contact with witnesses or victims in the case, according to CNN.

Holmes appeared in court wearing a maroon jumpsuit and sporting bright orange hair.

Prior to Monday’s appearance, Holmes was being held in solitary confinement. Law enforcement used an underground tunnel to transport Holmes from the jail to the courthouse, according to CNN.

Following Monday’s proceedings, CNN speculated Holmes might currently be medicated.

District Attorney Carol Chambers spoke to the press following Monday’s hearing.

“There is no such thing as a slam dunk case,” she told reporters.

The charges on which the court found probable cause include first-degree murder, according to the press conference.

Today was Chambers’ first time seeing Holmes, she said.

She told reporters the decision to seek the death penalty doesn’t come until about 60 days after the arraignment, meaning that decision is fairly far down the line.

As it stands now, Holmes likely won’t even stand trial for about a year, the Associated Press tweeted. However, Chambers won’t actually be in office by the time the case is decided.

“It will ultimately be the decision of the prosecutors on the case,” Chambers said about the possibility of seeking the death penalty. The answer came in response to a question about whether prosecutors will consider the opinions of victims in regards to the death penalty.

Chambers told reporters that while she hopes to get it right the first time, prosecutors are willing to amended charges as necessary.

In state prosecution, the DA would normally not consider domestic terrorism charges, Chambers said.

Here is part of the hearing courtesy of MSNBC.

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