Federal Official Reveals Exactly How James Holmes' Apartment Was Rigged

James Holmes apartment and Colorado shootingJames Holmes’ apartment

Photo: Joshua Lott/Getty Images

A law enforcement official has  revealed new details on what was inside the Colorado shooting suspect’s apartment and how he meant to kill anybody who stepped inside.We already know 24-year-old James Holmes’ apartment was rigged with 30 homemade grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline.

But a federal law enforcement official revealed some new details to CBS Denver:

  • The floor and carpet were soaked with gasoline.
  • Numerous containers filled with bullets and accelerants – likely gasoline – were strewn around the messy apartment.
  • Officials are theorizing that Holmes wanted the gas to catch fire, which would cause the bullets to explode, according to CBS’s source.
  • An igniter box like the ones in professional fireworks shows sat on top of the refrigerator.
  • All of the dangerous materials in the apartment could be bought online.

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