James Hird May Take The ASADA-AFL Anti-Doping Case To The High Court

James Hird. Photo: Michael Dodge/Getty.

Essendon head coach James Hird may be planning to take the ASADA-AFL anti-doping case to the High Court, after the Federal Court yesterday denied his appeal.

Hird’s solicitor, Steven Amendola, hinted last night that Hird was considering the option, telling the Herald Sun: “We have to read the decision very carefully and consider whether we want to take the matter further”.

Yesterday the Federal Court threw out Hird’s appeal, finding that there was no “practical unfairness” in the anti-doping agency’s joint investigation with the AFL of Essendon players.

Hird, who was not in court for yesterday’s decision, has been ordered to pay all court costs, including ASADA’s, estimated at $60,000.

The fate of 34 former and current Essendon players will now be decided by the AFL anti-doping tribunal, which is expected to deliver its verdict in March. If found guilty, as many as 20 current Bombers stars could be suspended for two years.

Hird has just 27 days to lodge an official appeal if he chooses to take the case to the High Court.

Read more about yesterday’s denied appeal here.

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