Steelers linebacker James Harrison has an insane workout to stay in top shape at 38 years old

After linebacker James Harrison momentarily retired following the 2013 season, his future seemed up in the air again until he recently announced he would play at least one more season for the Pittsburgh Steelers at age 38.

Playing in the NFL in your late 30s is rare, especially for a linebacker where a player must maintain both speed and strength. So it would seem that somebody like Harrison might need something more than just your run-of-the-mill time in the weight room, and sure enough, his workouts look insane.

Harrison occasionally posts short videos of his workouts to his Instagram account and it is clear that even at age 38, there are not many people in the NFL who are out-working the 13-year veteran.

There are dips with what looks to be about 200 pounds of added weight.


There are 1,100-pound leg presses.


They don’t make dumbbells big enough for Harrison’s one-armed shoulder presses.


Pull-ups with added weight because his 250 pounds of body weight are not challenging enough.


I’m not even sure what is going on here.


Harrison might be able to compete in Strongman competitions when he retires.


One-legged squats are not for the weak.


Apparently straight-bars are not challenging enough.


And don’t forget about the 700-pound squats.


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