James Hardie's Asbestos Lawyer Has Offered To Work For Telstra For Free


Arnold Bloch Leibler lawyer Leon Zwier represented James Hardie against asbestos victim Bernie Banton.

Now, according to The Australian, he’s approached Telstra and offered to work for the telco for free, representing it in negotiations with two families from Western Sydney.

They were evacuated from their homes nearly three weeks ago after asbestos was found on their properties, reported the newspaper. They are still being houses in a hotel and don’t know when it will be safe for them to go home.


Telsta and the families are negotiating over the cost of clean up work, after their houses were exposed to asbestos during NBN construction work in early May.

A Telstra spokesperson confirmed the lawyer had offered his services pro bono. He declined to comment.

More at The Australian.

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