James Harden breaks defender's ankles, stares him down on the ground before drilling 3-pointer in most disrespectful move of the NBA season

ESPNJames Harden stares down Wesley Johnson after crossover sends him into oblivion.
  • James Harden pulled off one of the most disrespectful moves you’ll see on an NBA court on Wednesday night, crossing over Wesley Johnson and breaking his ankles.
  • Before Harden pulled up for a wide open three, he stared down Johnson as he lay on the ground, seeming to enjoy the moment.
  • The Rockets would go on to win the game 105-92 – their 14th straight win to cap off an undefeated February.

James Harden proved once again why he’s one of the most dangerous players in the NBA during the Rockets game against the Clippers on Wednesday night.

While Harden is an MVP candidate for his prolific scoring and undeniable ability to takeover in the clutch, against the Clippers it was his handle that was the star of the show.

As the first quarter was winding down to a close with the Rockets already dominating the Clippers 28-7 at the Staples Center, Harden broke out one of the most devastating crossovers ever seen on an NBA court. Poor Wesley Johnson was charged with defending Harden. After taking a hard dribble at the basket, Harden pulled back with a fierce crossover. Johnson bit, and fell to the ground attempting to recover.

Normally, this would be where the story of the crossover ended – his victim sufficiently vanquished, the ballhandler would put up his shot. But Harden took a beat to staredown Johnson as he sat on the ground, defeated. There was nothing Johnson could do in response. After enjoying the moment, Harden pulled up calmly for his shot, and predictably, drilled it.

The Rockets would go on to win the game 105-92 – their 14th straight win that helped the team cap off an undefeated February.

After the game, Harden denied he was attempting to disrespect Johnson, saying he was only confused at the moment.

“I was just trying to figure out what he was doing,” Harden said. “I didn’t know. I was looking at him and he was looking at me.”

“I was thinking, ‘What are you doing?’ I was going to shoot it, but I was waiting to figure out what was going on. I was confused. And then I shot it.”

Regardless of Harden’s intention, the moment was just further proof that Harden is not a man you want to step in front of on a basketball court.

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