NBA fans on social media had a field day with the James Harden crossover that will be talked about for years

NBAWesley Johnson falls to James Harden’s devastating crossover.
  • James Harden hit Wesley Johnson with a crossover so nasty it sent the Los Angeles Clippers defender to the floor.
  • Twitter responded as you might expect – roasting Johnson into oblivion and reworking the viral moment as only Twitter can.
  • After the game, Harden couldn’t help but laugh when asked about the moment.

On Wednesday night James Harden sent Wesley Jordan’s soul to the heavens with a devastating crossover.

The play came at the end of the first quarter, with the Rockets already dominating the Clippers in Los Angeles. Harden made a hard step towards the basket, pulled back, and left Johnson in a heap on the ground. Harden stared down Johnson for a moment before drilling the three.

As you can imagine, Basketball Twitter was quick to roast Johnson over the flames of his broken ankles.

Some had advice for Johnson.

While others imagined his inner-monologue as the devastating scene played out.

Even star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins chimed in.

Upon review, some believed that Johnson’s teammates should have stepped in to save him from some of the embarrassment.

And of course, there were your classic memes – complete with photoshops and “Simpsons” references.

After the game, Harden couldn’t stop himself from laughing when asked about the play.

All things considered, it was a great night to be a fan of basketball and Basketball Twitter. Best wishes to Wesley Johnson and his ankles in these trying times.

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