All Of James Gandolfini's 'Sopranos' Co-Stars Attended His NYC Funeral This Morning [PHOTOS]

After dying unexpectedly of a heart attack in Rome June 19, actor James Gandolfini was laid to rest today at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

The triple-Emmy winner was remembered by his wife Deborah Lin Gandolfini, his two children and countless past co-stars.

And “The Sopranos” cast was out in full force to pay their respects to the boss.

The media camped out in front of the church early to get a glimpse of James Gandolfini’s famous friends.

James Gandolfini funeral church press

David Chase, the creator and executive producer of “The Sopranos” gave a eulogy in a form of a letter to Gandolfini, saying, “You were a good boy… a sad boy, amazed and confused. You could see it in your eyes. That’s why you were a great actor.”

Chase recalled the star once saying to him, “You know what I want to be? A man. That’s all. I want to be a man.”

Below is Chase entering the church.

David Chase James Gandolfini funeral

Gandolfini’s on-screen wife in “The Sopranos,” Edie Falco,” sought comfort in friends before the 90-minute service.

Edie Falco James Gandolfini funeral

Gandolfini’s on-screen “Sopranos” daughter Jamie Lynn Sigler, who just announced she is pregnant with her first child, was already tearing up before the service.

Jamie Lynn-Sigler James Gandolfini funeral

She was vey emotional.

Jamie Lynn-Sigler James Gandolfini funeral

Lorraine Bracco played Tony Soprano’s therapist Dr. Jennifer Melfi for six seasons on the hit HBO show.

Lorraine Bracco James Gandolfini funeral

She found suppoert in fellow co-star Michael Imperioli, who played Christopher Moltisanti.

Michael Imperioli Lorraine Bracco James Gandolfini funeral

Steve Schirripa played Bobby ‘Bacala’ Baccalieri.

Steve Schirripa James Gandolfini funeral

Joe Pantoliano played Ralph Cifaretto for 22 episodes.

Joe Pantoliano James Gandolfini funeral
Aida Turturro James Gandolfini funeral

 Aida Turturro played Tony Soprano’s wild sister, Janice. She also played Played James Gandolfini’s daughter in “Romance & Cigarettes.”

Her real life cousin, John Turturro, directed the two in “Romance & Cigarettes.”

John Turturro James Gandolfini funeral

Alec Baldwin was there. The two actors co-starred in 1996’s “The Juror.”

Alec Baldwin James Gandolfini funeral

Celebrity chef Mario Batali made a surprise appearance.

Mario Batali James Gandolfini funeral

Even New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came out to pay his respects.

Chris Christie James Gandolfini funeral

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