James Franco's Viral Ad For The Droid Turbo Is Creepy, Addictive

Motorola hasn’t announced any Droid Turbo smartphone, but James Franco already has one.

If you follow Franco on Twitter – and you should, because he’s a little bit crazy, a little bit brilliant – you won’t be surprised to find the YouTube ad he’s plugging, starring himself, is a little unsettling.

First of all, there’s Franco, randomly spotted by a fan cycling lazily home in a beanie and flannie jacket.

“You gonna film me now?” he asks the fan holding a smartphone. “OK, that’s cool.”

He then takes off and suddenly he’s racing up on her from other direction and whipping out his Droid Turbo for his own snap of the fan. The idea is the Droid is fast.

Weird. But watchable at least three times.

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