James Franco Didn't Like This Year's Oscars Either: 'Me In Drag Is Not Funny'

James Franco

Photo: tonicgossip.com

Not so funny.In an interview with Playboy, James Franco gives a look at the behind-the-scenes frustration that led to his less-than-spectacular performance.

The problem?

Too little time and too many (unfunny) writers:

“For three or four weeks we shot the promos and the little film that played in the opening. In the last week, when we really started focusing on the script for the live show and did a run-through, I said to the producer, ‘I don’t know why you hired me, because you haven’t given me anything. I just don’t think this stuff’s going to be good.'”

Eventually, Franco just gave in to the material because he “just didn’t want to argue anymore.”

He also gave insight into his criticised on-stage delivery:

“As far as having low energy or seeming as though I wasn’t into it or was too cool for it, I thought, ‘OK Anne is going the enthusiastic route. I’ve been trained as an actor to respond to circumstances, to the people I’m working with, and not force anything.’ So I thought I would be the straight man and she could be the other, and that’s how I was trying to do those lines. I felt kind of trapped in that material. I felt, This is not my boat. I’m just a passenger, but I’m going down and there’s no way out.”

We’re guessing the next host won’t have the same problem.

If rumours that Oprah is tapped to be the host of the 2012 Oscar’s come true, a co-host and silly costumes are not so likely to make the show.


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