YouTuber James Charles' online store appears to have been taken down following his explosive feud with former mentor Tati Westbrook

Since James Charles was accused of manipulating people and using his friends for fame by former mentor Tati Westbrook on Friday, the makeup artist has faced major backlash across the internet. Not only has he lost millions of subscribers, but some people have also destroyed his namesake eye-shadow palette in retaliation.

Now, people on social media have noticed that Charles’ merchandise website, Sisters Apparel, seems to have been taken down. The website once stocked sweatshirts, T-shirts, joggers, phone cases, and other products emblazoned with Charles’ catchphrase: “sisters.”

But on Monday, a visit to the Sisters Apparel website brought viewers to a black-and-white page that read, “Will be opening soon…” The website also said it is “currently under construction,” and offered an email sign-up for fans to learn about “launch updates.”

Sisters apparel websiteSisters ApparelThe Sisters Apparel website said it would be ‘opening soon’ on Monday.

On Tuesday, the website appears to have undergone another change, as a privacy-error message appears on its homepage.

James charles websiteSisters ApparelThe Sisters Apparel website on Tuesday.

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While Charles and Sisters Apparel have yet to share any information about the website, some fans believe that Jeffree Star might have something to do with its apparent disappearance.

On Twitter, fans have pointed out that Sisters Apparel is stocked by Killer Merch, a company that Jeffree Star co-owns. Some believe that, because Star has sided with Westbrook, he has since chosen to remove Charles’ website from his company’s roster.^tfw

A Sisters Apparel pop-up shop in Queensland, Australia, appears to be virtually empty at the time of writing

The Sisters Apparel brand is currently hosting a pop-up shop at the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in Queensland, Australia, until May 17. But, as seen in videos from fans who have visited, the shop seems to be almost empty following Charles’ public feud with Westbrook.^tfw

In the midst of the feud on Friday, Charles made an appearance at the Australian mall for a meet-and-greet and Q&A. According to fans who attended the event, Charles arrived two hours late, leaving many fans stranded outside in hot weather.

YouTubers Chloe Macdonald and Dan Locke, who are behind a channel called Exploration Date, also attended the event, and vlogged their experience. In their video, Macdonald and Locke said they waited two hours for Charles to arrive and that Charles “wasn’t himself” during his five-minute-long Q&A session.

Representatives for James Charles, Sisters Apparel, Killer Merch, Jeffree Star, and Exploration Date did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s requests for comment.

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