JAMES CARVILLE ON OBAMA: Nobody’s Gotten Re-Elected With These Kinds Of Numbers

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James Carville has some harsh words for just about everyone currently running for President…including the current President.

Here’s Carville on Scott Hennen’s radio show:

“This is an election that is going to be very difficult for an incumbent to win.  Having said that, I don’t know how much more the Republicans could do to try and give it to them than they’re doing… Everything worries me in this environment. Nobody’s gotten elected with these kinds of numbers. So, I’m worried in the general election. I profoundly admit that. Again, Romney’s just making a technocratic kind of confidence argument, and he’s really kind of a windsock of a guy. If you don’t like his position on something, give it a day he’ll change it.”

On Cain: “Herman Cain is not going to be the president of anything. Herman Cain goes out and he got a 999, and it’s 909, and he’s like changing area codes. The guy can’t even figure out what his position on abortion yet, which is sort of a basic issue. He gleefully professes ignorance on foreign policy. Again, I’m not, but if I were a person, if I had a conservative world view and I was looking for our next election to have somebody to articulate that view, I would be unbelievably disappointed. Herman Cain is a salesman. I mean, he’s not trying in one sense. He’s just trying to get some attention. He’s not going to get the nomination.”

On Rick Perry: “Perry’s embarrassing.  The guy can’t speak, he can’t debate, he can’t answer questions.  He can’t go on interview shows.  He can’t do anything!…And now he’s with this goofy birtherism nonsense…If I were a proud principled conservative I’d be humiliated by this.”

Audio of the segment here >>

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