The Clintons' most colourful adviser just had an epic hit where he impersonated a baby and savaged the media

Screen Shot 2015 08 19 at 1.51.05 PMMSNBC/screengrabJames Carville impersonates a baby to mock Hillary Clinton’s critics.

James Carville, a veteran adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton, had an extremely colourful interview on Wednesday, during which he slammed the media and, at one point, impersonated a baby to mock the Clintons’ critics.

The famed “ragin’ Cajun” political consultant started off the MSNBC segment by singling out The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza for writing that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign “is in the midst of a full-scale Democratic freakout” due to her slipping poll numbers and ongoing controversy over her email use at the State Department.

“I had to come out because of all the foolishness going on. A gentleman — Mr. Cillizza, I guess it was? — talks about a ‘total Democratic freak-out,’ and then he quotes a guy who talked to a guy,” Carville said.

Carville then referenced a recent hard-hitting New York Times article against Amazon in order to take a shot at Jeff Bezos, The Washington Post owner who founded the online retailer. 

“You notice Mr. Bezos — who’s runnin’ that sweatshop out there in Seattle — he needs to go on 15th Street, where The Washington Post is, and get this place in order. There’s nobody editin’ that newspaper as far as I can see,” Carville said. “Of course there’s not a full-scale Democratic freak-out.” 

Carville, pressed on the FBI’s interest in Clinton’s personal email server, switched over to a faux-baby voice to mock Clinton’s critics. The political operative said he and another Clinton veteran, Paul Begala, had to step up to inform the media that the entire controversy won’t “amount to hill of beans.” 

“These people: ‘We don’t like Hillary. Why is Paul Begala and Jim Carville out there defendin’ her? Why can’t we just attack her like we want to?'” he whined. “And I understand that. I’ve been dealing with this for 23 years now.”

Here’s what Carville looked like as he impersonated a complaining child: 

 The rest of the interview was similarly colourful.

“Polls go up and down. This is foolishness. I’m havin’ to come out of my vacation to deal with this kind of stupidity that these people are puttin’ out. And Hillary’s gonna be just fine,” he said at another point.

Carville later said he was completely confident that Clinton would be the Democratic nominee in 2016, despite the media’s interest in rival Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vermont) surging campaign and the potential candidacy of Vice President Joe Biden.

“It’s mostly just stupid media people talkin’ to other stupid media people, makin’ stuff up and spinnin’ themselves up on something that’s not gonna amount to a hill of beans,” he said. “I’m gonna call out this stupidity in the media when I see it. Just like this stupidity that was in The Washington Post. ‘Full Democratic freak-out,’ give me a break!” 

For his part, Cillizza defended his piece that Carville criticised and wrote on Twitter that he thoroughly enjoyed the interview:

Watch the full segment below:

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