James Cameron Working On Avatar Novel


Get ready for Avatar: The Book.

Director James Cameron confirmed early reports that he is working on a novel based on the blockbuster hit movie.

According to the Wall Street Journal.

He says the book version of “Avatar” will follow the film version “quite closely” in terms of the plot. But the novel will also include “interior monologues” and provide details about the characters and Pandora.

Cameron said he first considered writing the book when he was filming the movie. “I told myself, if it made money, I’d write a book,” the director said.

The blockbuster has grossed $666 million in the U.S. alone, WSJ reports.

Too bad the Avatar book’s ending has already been ruined for us. But Cameron’s project might mean he is drafting his sequel–or at least brainstorming some ideas. News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch, whose company produced the Oscar-nominated film, said in an earnings call that they will “be pushing” for an Avatar II.

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