James Cameron Sailing 'Titanic' In 3D By 2012


Director James Cameron wants to bring some of Avatar’s box office magic onto the big screen with a re-release of Titanic in 3D.

The director of the original 1997 blockbuster told USA Today: “We’re targeting spring of 2012 for the release [of a 3D version of Titanic], which is the 100 year anniversary of the sailing of the ship.”

April 15, 1912 is the exact date when the “unsinkable” ship crashed into the icy North Atlantic sea and lost 1,500 of its passengers.

The Paramount Pictures/20th Century Fox movie was the top-grossing film, until Cameron’s Avatar took the No. 1 spot in late January.

Avatar is expected to bring in $400 million in total revenues to News Corp.

Here’s a clip from the sinking of the ship, in reverse.

Think of what this will look like in 3D. Gulp!

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