There's about to be a huge bidding war for the James Bond movie distribution rights


Audiences around the world aren’t the only ones excited to see the new James Bond movie. Studios in Hollywood are chomping at the bit for the movie to start its theatrical run.

That’s because, after the release of “Spectre” in the US on November 6, the movie series’ contract with Sony ends.

Sony could get it back, but a franchise about to release its 24th film and which has grossed over $US4 billion worldwide since the 1960s is a very attractive property for any studio.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros., Fox, Universal, and Paramount are all interested in being the new home 0f 007, with WB being the most aggressive of the bunch. And the Broccoli family that owns the James Bond movie rights is apparently making it clear to studios that it will be open to deals.

The franchise was originally produced and released by United Artists, which was bought by MGM in the 1980s, then Sony began releasing the Bond titles staring with 2006’s “Casino Royale” (co-financed by MGM).

Things are still in the negotiation phase. Deadline points out that sources say the gatekeepers of the Bond franchise will wait until “Spectre” plays around the world and makes heaps of money before signing a deal, thereby strengthening their leverage.

MGM, which is emerging from its 2010 bankruptcy, could take on the franchise alone. But more likely is that the Broccoli family resigns with Sony or goes to another studio.

Deadline notes that WB could be a good home as it already teamed with MGM on “The Hobbit,” another franchise that racked up profits around the world.

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