Meet The 26-Year Old Private Equity Analyst Who's Engaged To Devon Aoki

James Bailey

TA associates’ James Bailey has it made.He’s an ace swimmer, he just graduated from Harvard in 2007, he’s got a great job as an analyst for Boston-based TA Associates — and he’s engaged to 28-year old model Devon Aoki, the Benihana heiress.

So young and yet already living the dream!

It’s impossible not to be happy for them because they’re a total power-couple. Aoki turned herself into an international superstar: she’s a model, an actress (Remember her in the Fast & the Furious? She was also in Sin City.), and the face of Lancome.

And Bailey, whose father co-founded Cambridge Associates, which advises college endowments, among other things, is the sole analyst at a $16 billion private equity powerhouse, TA Associates.

Aoki and Jay Penske, the CEO of MMC

Photo: AP

His is an awesome job, especially because taking a look at his resume, it’s obvious that he was able to bypass the typical route to working at a PE firm, completing a 2-year analyst program at a bulge bracket bank, and jump right into private equity.A lucky move because 2-year analyst programs are known for their brutal long hours and endless tedious work.

The pair got engaged this summer and they’re expecting a baby.

From the NYPost:

“Devon and James are extremely happy. They became engaged over the summer, and she has just found out she is pregnant.”

Sidebar: it all happened pretty fast. She was seen with this other guy (in the second photo, he’s on the right), Jay Penske, the CEO of MMC, the media and publishing company that owns the Hollywood gossip site, in October 2009, not even a year before they got engaged.

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