Jake Paul's girlfriend says he lives with all of his assistants because 'he doesn't do well with being alone'

Shane Dawson/YouTubeJake Paul in front of his Team 10 mansion.

  • YouTube celebrity Jake Paul lives in a mansion with assistants as well as other “Team 10” members.
  • His girlfriend and coworker, Erika Costell, says it’s because he “doesn’t do well with being alone.”
  • Costell said it’s an enormous amount of pressure to live with a group of people who depend on him for their livelihoods.

The newest episode of Shane Dawson’s docuseries about YouTube celebrity Jake Paul reveals the truth behind the Team 10 house.

Like many other collectives of YouTube celebrities, Team 10 – a group led by Paul – all live together and film their frat house-like antics for video content.

Paul is one of the biggest celebrities on YouTube, and the house he rents is more like a mansion. The people who live in it aren’t just Team 10 members; they also include his personal assistant, trainer, and chef. Paul’s father, who has some management responsibilities for the group, also lives there.

“Everyone that you see here, lives here,” Erika Costell, a member of Team 10 and Paul’s girlfriend, told Dawson.

Costell said Paul prefers to keep people close because he doesn’t want to be alone.

“He doesn’t do well with being alone,” she said. “He keeps people around because he appreciates people who he can trust to be around him all the time.”

Costell also suggested the dynamic may not be healthy for him. Paul acutely feels the stress of living with a bunch of people who depend on his personality and business acumen for their livelihoods, she said.

“Living in this house – it’s not good for anybody,” Costell said. “I think it’s the pressure of everybody relying on you like that. When you wake up and everyone is relying on you to live – whether you realise it or not, that’s a lot of energy being taken from you.”

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