Jake Paul gave up making a documentary about himself because it was 'too real'

Shane Dawson/YouTubeJake Paul in front of his Team 10 mansion.
  • Jake Paul canceled “Jake Paul Uncut,” his YouTube documentary about himself, after just two of “five to six” 30-minute episodes.
  • Paul uploads 10-to-20-minute videos about his life to YouTube multiple times a week.
  • The documentary was meant to be a response to Shane Dawson’s documentary about him, where people claimed that Paul’s videos were hoaxes.

Jake Paul, the 22-year-old YouTube vlogging celebrity who uploads 15-minute videos about his life multiple times a week, said he’s given up making a documentary about himself because it was getting “too real.”

Called “Jake Paul Uncut,” Paul said the series was quashed because “[The documentary] became too real for a lot of the parties involved. A lot of the parties involved didn’t want to have that much realness or that much content about their lives out there on social media.”

Paul is one of the most popular celebrities on YouTube, with around 18 million followers. He’s famous for staging aggressive stunts and pranks with his collective of other YouTube celebrities, known as Team 10. Most of his fans are young children.

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Before the cancellation, Paul released two out of “five to six” planned episodes of the documentary. The documentary was intended to anchor his “new season 3 content plan” of the videos he produces.

Paul said was inspired to make the series after fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson made an eight-part YouTube documentary series about him. It may have also been meant to be a rebuttal. Dawson, while kind of Paul overall, also interviewed people close to him who said that many of the scenarios and much of the drama in Paul’s regular vlogs are manufactured.

“We were making money at the same time and it was a business,” Nick Crompton, a former member of Team 10, told Dawson. “Pretty much everyone that’s a bit older knows that it’s all fake.”

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