Jake Paul has been accused of taking the credit for someone else’s Black Lives Matter fundraiser

Jake Paul is receiving even more backlash. Jake Paul / YouTube
  • Jake Paul is being criticised for appearing to take the credit for someone else’s Black Lives Matter fundraiser.
  • YouTuber ThatMidgetAsian, real name Frederic Chen, posted a TikTok showing how Paul had inserted his fundraiser into his video titled “The looting situation explained. (deleting soon).”
  • Chen’s original fundraiser had raised $US32,000 in three days for the NAACP, and that has jumped to over $US42,000 since Paul added it to his video.
  • However, Paul quote-tweeted someone who assumed the $US32,000 had all been raised by him in the short time the video had been live, saying he had done it “with yalls help.”
  • Chen said there is no doubt further exposure of the fundraiser is a good thing, but he didn’t want to let Paul “manipulate his audience into thinking he genuinely cares about social change.”
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Jake Paul is coming under fire yet again this week, this time for appearing to take the credit for someone else’s Black Lives Matter fundraiser.

YouTuber ThatMidgetAsian, real name Frederic Chen, raised $US32,000 for the NAACP in three days with his video “I’m leaving YouTube.”

Paul then added the same fundraiser to his own video, in which he denied claims that he looted and vandalised a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Over $US42,000 total has now been raised from the two videos. However, Chen realised Paul had seemingly taken the credit for the full amount.

Chen posted a TikTok showing that a fan had thought Paul had raised $US32,000 himself.

“Jake has raised $US32,000 in 20 minutes i’m so proud of you @jakepaul,” the fan wrote, which Paul quote-tweeted, adding he had done it “with yalls help.”

“Imagine you make a video about Black Lives Matter, and you put a fundraiser, and it raises around $US32,000 within the first three days,” Chen said in his TikTok. “[Then] you go to Jake Paul’s Twitter and you see he’s taken all the credit.”

In a few followup tweets, Chen clarified that more exposure of the fundraiser is good “no matter what.”

“But I’d rather not let Jake Paul once again, manipulate his audience into thinking he genuinely cares about social change,” he said. “Don’t forget this boy denied his looting allegations in that SAME video, and then got [charged] for looting a day later.”

Paul’s tweet has now been deleted.

Paul was already receiving negative attention since being charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly after videos emerged on social media showing him and his friends in attendance during a looting incident at a Scottsdale mall.

He initially denied the accusations in a statement, saying that the group were there to “peacefully protest one of the most horrid injustices our country has ever seen.”

However, he received a great deal of criticism for filming in the area at all, taking attention away from the protests which were largely peaceful, according to an Associated Press report.

Footage also showed one looter hand him a bottle of vodka from P.F. Chang’s.

In his fundrasier video, he called himself “an easy target.”

“I will continue to document things that I think need to be shared with America,” he said. “If along that process people want to accuse me of things that they know I’m not doing because my name is Jake Paul, then so be it.”

Insider has reached out to Paul for comment.

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