Titans Quarterback Was Allowed To Stay In Game After Brutal Cheap Shot To The Head

Early in the second quarter against the Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker scrambled for an 11-yard touchdown run when he took a brutal shot to the head.

Here is the play in which Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey clearly hit Locker after he was already 1-2 yards into the end zone. Kirksey was flagged for unnecessary roughness but was not ejected.

A replay showed that the hit was a forearm delivered to Locker’s head.

Not only was the hit late, Kirksey launched himself at Locker in order to deliver the hit.

However, the scariest part of this play is that Locker was clearly dazed by the hit and had trouble standing up.

This is where things get scary for Locker and the NFL.

Locker was evaluated on the sideline by what appeared to be a member of the Titans medical staff and the independent NFL concussion expert.

According to the NFL, a proper concussion evaluation takes a minimum of eight minutes and includes a test where a player must recall a specific word five minutes later.

Locker appeared to be cleared by the trainers after just four minutes.

Exactly 4:08 after the hit, Locker had his cap back on and was seen walking away from the medical staff.

What is strange here is that the Titans were in no rush to get Locker back onto the field. There was approximately 17 minutes between the hit to the head and when the Titans would get the ball back.

That is plenty of time run a full and thorough concussion test on Locker. But there was no evidence this was ever done.

And yet, when the Titans got the ball back 13 minutes after walking away from the medical personnel, Locker was in the game.

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