21 pictures that perfectly sum up Jake Arrieta's dominating MLB season

From 2010 to 2013 Jake Arrieta pitched in 358 innings for the Baltimore Orioles. To say he unperformed would be a understatement as he hada hideous 5.64 ERA and walked more than four batters per nine innings.

On July 2, 2013, the O’s traded Arrieta to the Cubs along with hard-throwing reliever Pedro Strop and a handful of cash. In exchange they received right-hander Scott Feldman and bench-warming catcher Steve Clevenger.

The Chicago Cubs got the better end of the deal.

This year has been an almost magical season for Arrieta. He finished the regular season with a 22-6 record in 33 starts and a 1.77 ERA.

He then dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates in a wild card game that witnessed Arrieta at his best with a four-hit, no-walk, 11-strikeout master class performance. It was the first Chicago Cubs postseason win since October 11, 2003.

With the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals now tied at one game a piece in the NLDS, we decided to take a look back at Jake Arrieta’s dominating season with 21 pictures that perfectly sum up his breakout year.

His ERA after the All-Star break is insane.

Credit: Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

This is a guy who managed a post-All-Star break ERA of 0.75. That impressive stat then dropped to 0.41 since August and then to 0.39 in September and October.

He made history in the second half of the season.

Credit: David Banks / Getty Images

By the way, that 0.75 ERA in the second-half of the season is the lowest second-half ERA in the history of Major League Baseball.

Can you say no-hitter?

Credit: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

Did we mention that the Chicago Cubs pitcher pulled off a no-hitter against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on August 30, 2015.

Good luck trying to figure out what he will throw next.

In this multiple exposure photo, Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jake Arrieta delivers during the ninth inning of a baseball game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, in Chicago. The Cubs won 4-0.

In 2015, he has relied primarily on his massive sinker (95 mph) and incredibly accurate slider (91 mph). He also mixes it up with a frustrating curve (81 mph) and a four-seam fastball (95 mph). When he does throw a changeup it lands at 90 mph.

He won the wild card with a shut out.

Credit: Jared Wickerham Getty Images

Arrieta absolutely dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates with a shutout. Arrieta guaranteed his teammates and fans a victory and he delivered with one of his best performances of the season. He embarrassed the Pirates on their home turf at PNC Park.

His teammates are incredibly protective of their star pitcher.

Credit: Justin K. Aller / Getty Images

His teammates have his back. After Arrieta was hit by a pitch thrown by Pirates pitcher Tony Watson, the Cubs cleared their bench faster than any bench clearing incident we've ever seen. Arrieta would go on to finish the game and issue a season ending shutout to the Pirates.

He is not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve.

Credit: Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

He is visibly disgusted with some of his own decisions and at other times he celebrates with the best of them. Thankfully for Cubs fans he quickly regains his composure and gets the job done. Here he is celebrating with Dexter Fowler after defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates to win the National League Wild Card game.

If need be he'll hit a home run to ensure the win.

Credit: David Banks Getty Images)

He has even been known to hit a home run and take it in stride. There's no big celebrations for Arrieta until he gets the job done.

He is a devoted student of the game.

Credit: AP Photo / Ross D. Franklin

He's a student of the game and in good and bad outings he can be seen regularly discussing strategy with Chris Bosio.

He only seemed to get better as the playoffs approached.

Credit: Dustin Bradford / Getty Images

In his four starts before the NLDS, Arrieta threw 31 innings, allowed 10 hits, walked one batter and struck out 38. If he was active in your fantasy league during that stretch -- congratulations.

He's become a close companion to icy cold cooler water.

Credit: Jon Durr / Getty Images

Dousing Arrieta with ice water has become fairly routine in the last few months. Between no-hitters and wild card shutouts, he is the man to watch in the bigs.

He is regularly seen thanking his fans and chatting with his supporters.

Credit: Jared Wickerham Getty Images

Chicago Cubs fans turned up in hordes to watch Arrieta dismantle the Pirates. After the game he took some time to interact with his supporters.

He's a family man first and he's not afraid to show off his love for his wife and kids.

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 31: Jake Arrieta #49 of the Chicago Cubs stands with his wife Brittany, daughter Palmer, and son Cooper, as they watch a video during a ceremony in recognition of his no-hitter against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Wrigley Field on August 31, 2015 in Chicago.linois.

His family has travelled all over the country to support him. You can spot them at home and away games.

Like we said, he's an affectionate guy.

Credit: Stephen Dunn Getty Images

And he's not afraid to show his appreciation to his wife in the form of a little bit of PDA.

He works hard in the gym and before outings to maintain his game. His pre-game stretching is almost zen-like at times.

Credit: Jeffrey Phelps / Getty Images

Arrieta rotates between workouts to make sure both his legs and arms get the attention they deserve. Just one look at the dude and you can see that he's ripped more than most of his fellow pitchers. Here he is stretching before a game at Wrigley Field.

Even as the season wore on he maintained his sense of humour.

Credit: AP Photo David Banks

The Cubs star pitcher has managed to maintain his sense of humour during a historic season. Here he is wearing a 'we are good' Cubs t-shirt right before his September 19 game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

And he's a team player both on and off the field.

Credit: AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill

Arrieta, center, is a team player and gets in on the fun. Here he is drinking champagne as he poses in pajamas with teammates following a game. The players are wearing pajamas for an overnight flight to Chicago after finishing a six-game West Coast trip.

He's not afraid to sacrifice his body to win.

Credit: AP Photo / Nam Y. Huh

He's not afraid to dig in and do what it takes to score a run. Here's Arrieta scoring on a sacrifice fly.

Here's how you manage a .786 Win-Loss %

Credit: AP Photo / David Zalubowski

You don't pull off a .786 win-loss percentage in 33 games without pulling your weight wherever you can. Here is Arrieta putting down a sacrifice bunt.

He has the best fans in major league baseball.

Credit: Jon Durr / Getty Images

You can't possibly overstate the importance of Jake Arrieta for the Chicago Cubs this year. Just take a look at the faces of these Cubbies fans when he was hit by a pitch. I guarantee you that this entire room held its collective breath until they were sure Chicago's ace pitcher was ok.

Like we said he's no stranger when it comes to being doused with victory beverages.

Credit: AP Photo / Gene J. Puskar

If there is one thing Arrieta has become accustomed to this year, it's being drenched with celebration coolers and champagne. In this photo he's doused by manager Joe Maddon the win against the Pirates.

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