Jaguar Has All But Eliminated Blind Spots

Jaguar has released footage of in-car technology that it says virtually eliminates dangerous blind spots.

Called the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen, it gives a 360-degree view of what’s going on outside the car by using screens embedded in the pillars supporting the roof in front of and beside the driver.

Cameras outside the car transmit a live feed to the screens. They’re activated when drivers indicate or look over their shoulders.

A heads-up display on the windscreen highlights pedestrians and cyclists with a halo:

Heads up. Picture: Jaguar/YouTube

And perhaps best of all, they’re experimenting with a “ghost car” option to help lead you around, as opposed to staring at a tiny GPS screen:

Follow the ghost car! Picture: Jaguar/YouTube

There’s no word on when Jaguar will actually make the virtual windscreen a production line feature, but it’s already talking about integrating it with cloud services to highlight information such as parking spots and petrol prices to drivers, so it’s probably just a matter of when, not if.

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