Jadsters Launches Video Classifieds (Newspapers, Take Notice)

Jadsters, a video classified site launched this month by first-time entrepreneur Joseph Diorio, aspires to be a kind of Craigslist with video. Sellers hawking their cars, their furniture, or even themselves can upload everything from video sales pitches to video personals and resumes for free from their computers or cell phones. 

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel,” said Diorio, who funded the site himself. “We’re trying to keep everything simple and just make the wheel run faster.” (Give him credit for staying on message: He also says the same thing on his site.)

It’s too early to tell if this particular site, which is in very early beta and has just a handful of ads posted so far, will work. But either way, newspapers and other traditional classified outlets should pay close attention.

With the recent popularity of how-to video sites like Videojug, Squidoo, and Sutree, it’s likely that video personalisation will be the next frontier for classifieds. No longer are three-line, plain text ads in newspapers going to cut it. Customers are soon going to demand video classifieds, and there’s a good opportunity here for papers to distinguish themselves from Craigslist, which will have a hard time offering free video classifieds because of bandwidth costs. If New York-based Jadsters isn’t around to deliver them, newspapers will be in the market for another company that will.

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