Jacqui Lambie: It’s Time For Clive To Stop ‘Clowning Around’

Picture: Getty Images

Jacqui Lambie has done a great job of eclipsing her Palmer United Party parliamentary colleagues since taking her place in the Senate in July.

Last night in a wide-ranging profile on the ABC’s Australian Story, Lambie reflected on her time in the military, thoughts of suicide and her relationship with PUP leader Clive Palmer.

It was a look into the life and times of Lambie with the usual honesty that she has displayed since taking office.

But in a non-too-subtle message to the clown prince of Australian politics, Lambie said Palmer should “stop clowning around at times, because that really annoys me”.

Importantly she also showed once again that she is her own woman, saying:

I don’t back down to Clive Palmer and I shouldn’t have to. Even a billionaire needs to be told every now and then.

Clive Palmer might be my leader but Clive Palmer’s not my boss. The Tasmanian people are my boss and that’s it, full stop.

Clive will be pleased to know that Lambie says she is staying on message.

You can find a full transcript of last night’s program here