Jacqui Lambie’s Just Delivered A Blistering Smackdown Of Her Political Boss, Clive Palmer

Senator Jacqui Lambie taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie is at war with the eponymous boss of Palmer United Party.

This morning she was demoted by Clive Palmer amid rumours that she would quit the party. Any reference to PUP has been removed from her website and it retaliation, PUP has removed her contacts from its site.

Then Lambie broke ranks with PUP in a bid to reverse the deal Palmer struck with the government over changes to the Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms.

Speaking this afternoon in the Senate during the debate over a disallowance motion that would undo finance minister Mathias Cormann’s FoFA changes, Lambie let rip on her boss in a sign that she looks set to go it alone.

“I will not be told how to vote, not by anyone,” she said.

Lambie added that she would not let “abusive threats to kick me out of the Palmer United Party” interfere with her role as a parliamentarian.

“While it is not a sin to be powerful, it is a sin to abuse that power. It is sin to suck up to power. The big end of town, the billionaires, have been allowed by successive government to abuse their powers.”

She took aim at Palmer, saying:

I want to briefly address the sly personal attack that the leader of the Palmer United party has waged against me in public in recent times.

I understand that he’s under pressure because of bad political decisions and legal action that’s being taken against him.

However that doesn’t give him the right to spread hurtful rumours about me in an effort to interfere with free and fair performance of a member of this Senate who represents Tasmania.

My only boss is the people of Tasmania. It is their approval I seek, it is their opinion that counts.