Jacqui Lambie Has Quit The Palmer United Party

Senator Jacqui Lambie. Photo: Stefan Postles/ Getty.

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie formally has resigned from the Palmer United Party (PUP).

In a statement to the Senate today, Lambie said she felt constrained as a member of the PUP and felt her association was preventing her from securing the best deal for Tasmania.

“I apologise for that uncertainty. The message Tasmania and my family have given me is clear… put the best interests of Tasmania first,”Lambie said.

“I’m now free to negotiate with the government and other members of this parliament.

“God bless Australia, God bless my beautiful Tasmania and our beautfiul southern cross,” Lambie concluded.

I don’t have the time or energy to be drawn into a political mudslinging contest,” Lambie said of PUP leader Clive Palmer’s recent disparaging comments.

Earlier this month, Lambie delivered a blistering attack against Palmer after she was demoted from the position of deputy party leader.

In a rogue move at the beginning of November, the Tasmanian Senator vowed she would vote against all new government legislation until the “ridiculous” pay offer for Australian defence personnel was raised.

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