People are criticising Jaclyn Hill after she questioned why numerous celebrities are creating makeup lines

Jaclyn Hill is a YouTuber, and the founder of Jaclyn Cosmetics. Presley Ann/Stringer/Getty Images
  • On Sunday, Jaclyn Hill used Twitter to comment on the influx of celebritymakeup lines that have been created in recent years.
  • Though the YouTuber said “there is room for everyone” in the beauty industry, her tweets were met with criticism from people who pointed out that she’s also created a cosmetics company.
  • Some people also said she’s in “no position” to comment on beauty brands considering that her own company, Jaclyn Cosmetics, almost failed in 2019.
  • Others, however, supported the YouTuber, and said they believe there’s too much makeup on the market.
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People are criticising Jaclyn Hill over a tweet about celebrity makeup lines.

On Sunday, the beauty YouTuber took to Twitter with an observation: “I feel like 2019 was the year that every single publicist looked at their A list celebrity client and said ‘it’s time to create a makeup line.'” She also added a laughing emoji.

Though she didn’t name names or condemn celebrities for entering the beauty business, some people felt Hill was attempting to stir up drama with Kesha, who is releasing her first makeup products this year. Others said she’s in “no position” to criticise beauty brands when her own company, Jaclyn Cosmetics, almost failed in 2019. But despite backlash, Hill has stood by her original tweet.

Some people think Jaclyn Hill was subtly calling out Kesha, a musician, with her recent tweet

In early November, Kesha announced on social media that she’s created a cosmetics brand called Kesha Rose Beauty. On Friday, the “Praying” singer appeared in a YouTube video with makeup mogul James Charles to promote her products.

Because Hill commented on celebrity makeup lines just two days after their collaboration video, some people believe she was “shading” or subtly criticising the musician.

Others said Hill is in ‘no position’ to critique beauty brands

Some Twitter users said Hill shouldn’t be commenting on celebrity makeup lines when she’s created a cosmetics company herself – one that previously sold lipsticks that some people said arrived damaged and caused lip infections.

Hill responded to much of the backlash aimed at her on Twitter

Approximately 30 minutes after sharing her tweet, Hill followed up with another message on the subject.

“To those of you trying to make this tweet into something it’s not…. calm down!!” Hill wrote. “Seriously, I am clearly pointing out the obvious & NOT throwing shade! Stop trying to find alternative motives in everything I say. If I want to talk shit, I won’t do it subliminally.”

She also responded to some of those to sent hate her way, and clarified that she believes there’s “room for everyone” in the beauty industry.

Many Twitter users said they have also noticed an influx of celebrity makeup lines

Not every comment shared in response to Hill’s tweet was negative. Some people said they believe there are too many beauty products in the market, and noticed that celebrities are contributing to the excess.

Others said they empathise with the YouTuber, as she’s seemingly criticised for everything she writes online.^tfw

Representatives for Jaclyn Hill did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.