Thrillist's Big Cool Revenue Generator, JackThreads, Just Hit 4 Million Members

JackThreads / ThrillistJackThreads, the members-only clothing site for men, just hit 4 million members. 

Ever since men’s lifestyle brand Thrillist acquired the JackThreads back in 2010, the hip clothing site for men has experienced solid growth (see chart below).

At the time of the acquisition, JackThreads had about 150,000 members. Just three months ago, JackThreads hit 3 million members. Last month, JackThreads says it saw its highest sales month ever, and at its highest margins ever. 

JackThreads expects to see $75- to $100 million in revenue this year, and accounts for more than 45% of Thrillist’s revenue.

“We’re lucky,” Ross says. “We’re one of the few stories where a company is acquired by another business and the two companies integrate, and it actually works out. Ben [co-founder and CEO at Thrillist] and I over the years have built a trust. He lets me do my thing. It’s been great for me and great for JackThreads.” 

JackThreadsBut what’s driving this growth?

“We spent so much time last year across all of the key teams really building out the data infrastructure so we could analyse and understand what was driving the business,” JackThreads founder Jason Ross tells Business Insider. 

Ross says the JackThreads marketing team did extensive work building an infrastructure to better analyse the results from different marketing channels. 

“Any time you can be a more data driven business, especially in e-commerce, gosh it goes a long way,” Ross says. 

Mobile has also played a huge role in JackThreads’s growth. Its smartphone apps account for 50% of its daily sales. Just last week, JackThreads launched an iPad app, which is already accounting for 5% of its daily sales.

“We’re very much a mobile-first company,” Ross says. “Every single thing we do going forward as it relates to product development, we think about it first as it affects mobile. I feel like it’s a thing that a lot of companies haven’t figured out yet.”

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