Tribute To Jackie Robinson Leads To Funny Scene With A Confused Announcer

Baltimore Orioles

With the Baltimore Orioles game against the Tampa Bay Rays rained out on Jackie Robinson Day, the two teams paid tribute to the anniversary of his Major League debut on Wednesday.

That tribute included the recent tradition of all players wearing Robinson’s no. 42. In addition, the jerseys do not have names, in the style of MLB uniforms of the 1940s.

As you can imagine, this can lead to some confusion, especially when teams make substitutions.

During the seventh inning, the Rays inserted Logan Forsythe as a pinch-hitter. However, the stadium announcer introduced Forsythe as another right-handed hitting, white player, Brandon Guyer.

MLB Scoreboard

This led to some laughs from the Rays’ dugout as well as a grin from Forsythe, who had to assure the umpire that he was in fact, not Brandon Guyer.

Logan Forsythe

They did eventually realise the mistake and make the correction on the scoreboard.

Baseball Scoreboard

Forsythe seemed to know that there was going to be some playful ribbing from his teammates in the near future.

Logan Forsythe