Take a look at the glitzy yacht once owned by Jackie O that's been the scene of huge celebrity parties, has 17 cabins, and can now be rented for $100,000 a day

Stef BravinThe superyacht can be rented for extended vacations as well as for private events.
  • The 325-foot yacht formerly owned by Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis can now be rented for $US100,000 per day, CNN and Robb Report recently reported.
  • The couple frequently hosted famous guests aboard their ship, including Hollywood stars Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.
  • Named the Christina O after Aristotle Onassis’ daughter, the ship remains one of the only luxury yachts to accommodate a large number of passengers.

Jackie O’s yacht can now be yours for a day – if you have $US100,000 to drop on it, that is.

According to recent reports from CNN and Robb Report, interested parties can now rent the Christina O, the legendary superyacht that was formerly owned by millionaire shipping mogul Aristotle Onassis and former First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis.

With new updates made in 2015 and 2018, Valef Yachts is now chartering the ship for €90,000, ($US100,000) per day for the upcoming peak summer months and €80,000($US90,000) during the low season. Rental also comes with additional fees and deposits for food, fuel, and other amenities.

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After Onassis’ death in 1975, his daughter – whom the yacht is named after – donated the vessel to the Greek government. The vessel, under the name the Argo, remained in government hands until the late 1990s, when a family friend purchased the ship at an auction, restored it to premium condition, and renamed it the Christina O to honour its history.

The Telegraph reported the ship was “once the most exclusive bar in the world,” as the rich and famous gathered there by invitation only. Keep reading for a look inside the Christina O from the stateroom lounges to the outdoor Jacuzzi deck.

Originally a convoy escort called the Stormont, shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis purchased the yacht in 1954.

Stef Bravin

Onassis purchased the ship for just $US34,000, its scrap value. He then spent $US4 million refurbishing the 325-foot vessel and named it the Christina after his daughter.

Until his death in 1975, the Christina served as both Onassis’ residence and headquarters.

Stef Bravin

Onassis made his fortune in the shipping business, eventually owning one of the world’s largest fleets. However, the Christina luxury yacht was considered his flagship vessel, as it served as both his office headquarters and as his “floating mansion.”

Both Aristotle and Jackie frequently used the ship to entertain an impressive list of guests.

Valef YachtsAristotle Onassis (middle left) and Jackie Onassis (middle right) aboard the Christina.

Aristotle and Jackie Onassis married in 1968, a wedding that shocked many fans still mourning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

This list included Hollywood stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Valef YachtsRichard Burton, taking a phone call, nearby Elizabeth Taylor (right).

In addition to celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra, who graced the Christina during the 1970s, politicians such as Sir Winston Churchill and royalty such as Princess Grace of Monaco visited as well.

After Onassis’ death, his daughter Christina donated the ship to the Greek government.

Stef Bravin

Onassis’ friend John Paul Papanicolaou bought the vessel at an auction in 1998.

He spent $US50 million restoring the yacht to its former glory and renamed it the Christina O to honour its origins and family history.

Under its new name the Christina O, the vessel remains one of the only ships that can accommodate a large number of passengers.

Stef BravinAn aerial view of the Christina O after setting sail.

It is one of the only superyachts capable of accommodating up to 34 guests overnight – and that’s in addition to 38 crew members.

Guests have access to a variety of water toys that are included in the rental price.

Stef Bravin

Among the water toys included in the rental price of the Christina O are a hoverboard, water skis, and snorkel gear.

But the yacht comes with a serious price tag: Valef Yachts is currently chartering the yacht for €90,000, ($US100,000) per day for July and August €80,000($US90,000) during the low season, plus additional fees.

The yacht also boasts several additional watercraft.

Stef BravinThe Tender To My Christina ‘ and the Black Mamba anchored alongside the Christina O.

The Christina O comes with several personal boats capable of carrying eight guests each, along with several tenders – smaller boats that serve as support to a large vessel, especially when docking is inconvenient or impossible.

When it comes to the yacht’s interior, an immaculate spiral staircase leads up to the boat’s suites.

Stef BravinThe Onassis Suite, or master suite, is alone on the Bridge Deck.

The vessel is complete with 17 cabins.

All rooms are equipped with an en suite shower, along with televisions and stereo systems. All but two cabins are convertible from twin to double beds.

The master suite opens up to a private sitting area complete with library shelving.

The yacht has two lounges: the Lapis Lounge and the Callas Lounge.

Stef BravinThe Callas Lounge, pictured, offers guests substantial desk space.

The Callas Lounge is named after opera singer Marie Callas, with whom Aristotle Onassis had an affair. The pair began a relationship while they were both married. After divorcing their spouses, the relationship continued for several years until Onassis married Jackie Kennedy.

It also features a grand piano and an area for guests to enjoy drinks.

Stef BravinDrinks and appetizers arranged for guests in the ‘Callas Lounge’ concert room.

And then, there’s the iconic Ari’s Bar.

Stef Bravin

The bar, named after the late owner, remains well-preserved with its original orca teeth hooks and whale skin stools.

The bar top is made from a sunken Spanish galleon, while the footrests are engraved with scenes from epics “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey.”

The yacht also features a gym space.

Stef Bravin

The gym is equipped with treadmills, elliptical bikes, and a free weights.

Along with two massage rooms, the Christina O has a beauty room.

Stef Bravin

Massage therapists and additional staff help are included in the cost of renting the boat.

In recent years, the yacht has seen several notable updates.

Stef Bravin

In 2018, the ship was re-fitted with a new cinema.

Several other upgrades were made in 2018, including new paint, a new swim platform, and updates to the Jacuzzi Deck.

Outside on the deck, guests can enjoy the sunshine.

Stef BravinThe Jacuzzi Deck on the Christina O.

The outdoor dining table on the Jacuzzi Deck seats eight guests. Lounge chairs are spread across the extensive sunbathing decks.

The mosaic pool doubles as a dance floor space when covered.

Stef Bravin

“The mosaic pool that converts into a dance floor and the famous bar evoke another era and absolute glamour,” a PR representative for Valef Yachts told Business Insider.

Additional dining space on the ship means there’s room for many guests.

Stef BravinStaff preparing food for a dinner gathering.

While the dining room seats 40, staff can also rearrange the deck furniture for larger gatherings. The Christina O is capable of carrying up to 157 guests while cruising and up to 250 guests while docked.

The ship is specifically outfitted to host large parties.

Stef Bravin

Today, the Christina O remains one of the few superyachts capable of accommodating up to 34 guests across 17 cabins.

Most yachts – even oversized vessels – rarely accommodate more than 12 people.

On top of that, the yacht can accommodate hundreds for daytime cruising or evening events, such as weddings and private parties.

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