Jackie Chan showed up at the Oscars with 2 panda stuffed animals

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• Jackie Chan showed up to the Oscars with two stuffed pandas.
• In 2009, Chan adopted two pandas, Cheng Cheng and Long Long.
• He was named a Chengdu Panda ambassador the same year.
• Chan is being honored with a lifetime achievement Oscar Sunday.

Celebrities are making their way to the Dolby Theatre for the 89th annual Oscars. While some stars have brought their mums and significant others, Jackie Chan went a different route.

Chan, who is receiving an honorary lifetime achievement award Sunday, walked the red carpet with two stuffed pandas.

When the 62-year-old was approached by Ryan Seacrest, Chan said the pandas were his two baby boys.

“I’m the ambassador of pandas,” said Chan on the red carpet to E! “After [an] earthquake, they get hurt. I raised them. I have two pandas in China.”

Chan was named a Chengdu Panda ambassador in 2009 after he adopted two pandas named Cheng Cheng and Long Long.

“They go wherever I go,” Chan added, saying they take photos with all sorts of celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Hillary Clinton.

Pandas jackie chanE!Here’s a close look at Chan’s two panda stuffed animals.

Chan told Seacrest between directing, acting, and producing that he’s been in an estimated 250 movies.

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