JACK WELCH: 'This Movement Afoot That Hates On Business Is Craziness — It Will Destroy America As We Know It'

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Former GE CEO Jack Welch and his wife, former Harvard Business Review editor Suzy Welch, recently wrote a compelling op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about how corporations are people.In it, they address the movement that “hates on business,” and how it may doom the country.

This movement afoot that hates on business is craziness,” they write.

It will destroy America as we know it because very few jobs get created in an environment that’s outright hostile to business. And without jobs, the whole thing falls down. It becomes a welfare state. We become a welfare state.”

The anti-business movement exists because they think that capitalism, in its current state, doesn’t work. The Welchs aren’t on their side, though, because they believe that free markets are the best system available because it provides people motivation to work.

This is what folks mean when they accuse corporations of not being “people” — a quote that Mitt Romney has been dealing with for a while now. They are people, say the Welchs: “Corporations are people working together toward a shared goal, just as hospitals, schools, farms, restaurants, ballparks and museums are.”

That’s not what the anti-business people mean to say. What they really mean is that “business is evil.”

“Stop hiding behind words,” write the Welchs. “Corporations are people. If you want to put an end to corporations, at least say what you mean.”


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