JACK WELCH: I Would Not Support Sarah Palin For President

welch palin

From last night’s Piers MorganJack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of GE, weighed in on a possible presidential bid.  

One imagines he is likely voicing the concerns of many in the financial community.

I don’t think she has the gravitas or the international depth or a lot of things. I know I wouldn’t support her for president…She’s a celebrity, not a politician.

MORGAN: And you think it’s because of that she’s getting support?

WELCH: Well, I mean, people follow her. I mean, she struck a vein along with the Tea Party in terms of government spending and government waste. I just wouldn’t support her as president. I have nothing against her. I just wouldn’t vote for her.

So who does Welch like?  Interestingly, not Romney

If you asked me that a month ago, I would have said, well, Mitt Romney might be best guy, et cetera — the most obvious guy. But everything I see Tim Pawlenty say in the last month appeals to me.

Now, he’s not the jazziest guy in town. He’s not the most exciting. But if you look at what he says and his vision for America and that plan he put out in the last 48 hours, every time I see him, whether it would be your show or somebody else, the guy makes sense.

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