Jack In The Box Is Rolling Out Really Creepy Commercials Starring Giant Chickens And Sexting

Jack in the Box is going in a really strange route with its new online ad campaign.

The latest spot, called “Big Chickens,” features men in big chicken costumes dancing around in bubbles. “I have no idea what’s going on,” Jack says. Us either.

Secret Weapon Marketing made the spot to promote the Really Big Chicken Combos.

It’s a part of the same campaign that featured girls sitting on the bed doing what looks and sounds a whole lot like sexting. In reality, the “big … really big” photos coming in are of a sandwich.

Jack in the Box took the video off of its YouTube channel last week, although a representative told Adweek that “the spot had a limited run due to the limited-time-only nature of the product and promotion … Knowing the spot would have a limited run, talent fees were negotiated so that Internet usage would expire when the promotion concluded. But again, this spot ran its full planned schedule.”

Here’s the video, as uploaded by a third-party.

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