Canned Time Inc. Exec Jack Griffin Was "Stunned" By Firing, Requested 24 Hours To Consider

Jack Griffin

Some juicy background on Jack Griffin‘s sudden departure from Time Inc. last week courtesy of Keith Kelly.

Griffin, as the world is now aware, was not on good terms with many of the execs at Time. 

But his bumpy ride there apparently “accelerated” by the middle of last week when General Counsel Maurice Edelson and Chief Financial Officer Howard Averill got wind of the fact that they’d been cut out of a executive summit Griffin had planned for March.

Apparently that was the final straw, shortly thereafter Jeff Bewkes informed the board he was asking for Griffin’s resignation. 

It gets better.  According to Kelly “a stunned Griffin was believed to have asked for 24 hours to consider the offer to resign, but Bewkes demanded an immediate answer.”


Kelly speculates that Griffin’s ouster bodes well for John Huey, recently viewed as a bit of lame duck, but a Time spokesperson quick put (stomped) that to rest: “Once a successor is named, one would assume [Huey] will return to his previous position, and to suggest anything else would be pure speculation.”


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