Here's the first big change at Twitter since Jack Dorsey took over as interim CEO

It’s been just over a week since Jack Dorsey took over as Twitter’s interim CEO, but there’s already been one notable change at the San Francisco Internet company on his watch.

Details of engineering team meetings are now sent to the entire company so that everyone is privy to the latest projects and challenges.

The notes from the multi-hour meetings are “raw,” meaning they haven’t been edited, sanitised or abridged. Twitter head of engineering Alex Roetter explained the new process in an interview with TechCrunch:

It’s interesting, it’s hyper transparent, they’re not summarized, you see the raw bullets. It exposes all the interesting things we’re working on, it has sections like what the challenges or what were missing. I think it’s really interesting idea he’s pioneered for us around making sure everyone around the company understands. We’ve just done it one week so far, I’ve heard it gets really good results anecdotally.

Roetter says that Dorsey imported the practice from Square, the digital payments company at which he is also CEO.

Dorsey, who is currently doing double-duty running both Square and Twitter (until Twitter finds a permanent CEO), has a penchant for such “hyper transparent” practices, even when it involves himself.

When he wanted feedback on his performance as CEO at Square, he asked employees to anonymously put their comments into a Google Doc, according to a profile in Fast Company. Dorsey then made the document visible to every person inside the company.

Whether Dorsey’s sunlight policy at Twitter can help the company revive its fortunes and its stalled user growth remains to be seen, but at least everyone at the company will be on the same page.

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