Jack Dorsey just admitted that Twitter’s 140-character limit could go away with a super long tweet

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just showed off what could become a new format for lengthy tweets and explained his thinking for why the company is considering going beyond its trademark 140-character limit. 

Dorsey said that Twitter didn’t initially have the 140-character limit and noted that the company would not shy away from adding more “utility and power” into the service.

While Dorsey didn’t explicitly say that Twitter would get rid of the 140-character limit, he strongly suggested that such a move was in the works.

His comments appeared in a lengthy 10-paragraph tweet that goes well beyond the regular character limit, though it was not clear if the tweet was a mere screenshot of text appended into Twitter, or a teaser for a new feature within Twitter.

“If we decided to ship what we explore we’re telling developers well in advance so they can prepare accordingly,” Dorsey said. 

Here’s Dorsey’s lenghty tweet that could hint at the future of Twitter:


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